How To Stream NFL Games

How To Stream NFL Games

Can You Watch NFL Games on Sling TV?

Yes! Sling TV is proud to play TONS of national and local NFL games to markets across the United States! Sling TV offer channels such as Fox, NBC, CBS, NFL Network, ESPN, and NFL Redzone. Plus, with Sling TV – you can stream all your favorite games directly to your mobile devices or tablets so you never have to a game again! You can also record any live TV so you can catch a game later, or easily relive your favorite moments!

Stream ESPN on Sling TV

The Sling Orange + Blue package has all of your favorite NFL channels like Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN, and more! The bundled plan will allow you to watch TONS of games in both NFC and AFC markets, as well as Monday Night and Thursday Night Football games throughout the season. If you only want to watch your favorite team’s games, our Blue Plan includes Fox which carries NFC games, and our Orange Plan includes CBS which shows AFC games. Plus, you can bundle the NFL Redzone Channel which shows plays and games from ALL of your favorite live NFL games.

What Sling TV Plans are Best for Watching the NFL?

ESPN is included in two Sling TV plans – the Orange Plan and the Orange + Blue Bundled Plan! Not only do you get access to ESPN itself, but you also can watch ESPN 2 and 3 which show even more games, news, and analysis! With all 3 channels, you will never miss your favorite game! Sling TV Orange starts at just $35/Mo when you sign up today!





Sign Up For Sling TV Today

Make the best move this offseason and sign up for Sling TV today! You can easily stream all of your favorite NFL games with plans starting at just $35/Mo. Sling TV can be streamed on devices of all types including smart TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, gaming devices, Chromecasts, Firesticks, and more! Streaming your favorite games has never been easier or more affordable!

Sling TV Features

All of Sling TV’s packages come with a TON of extra features that put cable TV to shame! Sling TV has NO CONTRACTS, so you never have to worry about getting stuck in a long-term payment plan! If you can’t watch your favorite game or show live, you can record 50+ hours of live TV, so you can watch when you want! You can also stream Sling TV 3 on your devices at once – including mobile devices, TVs, and more! If you like one of Slings Packages, but you want to add an additional channel that’s not included, you can add it on for only $5/Mo!

Stream NFL on Hulu TV

Another great option for watching live NFL games is Hulu TV! They offer NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NFL Network, which covers all of the NFL markets. Hulu TV is also available on devices such as smartphones, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, tablets, and more – so you can watch anywhere you want! Plans start at $69.99/Mo and come with FREE subscriptions to Disney+ and ESPN+. Plus, with Hulu TV, you can find all of your favorite live and recorded games, as well as sports talk shows on the NFL Series Page in the Hulu App.

What Hulu TV Plan is Best for NFL Games?

Unlike many live streaming platforms, Hulu TV’s is incredibly simple. They offer one base plan and offer a few add-on packages from premium content. For the majority of people, the $69.99/Mo Hulu TV Now package will provide you with all the live TV you could possibly want. If you do want more live sports content, Hulu’s Sports-Add on only costs $9.99/Mo and includes the Motorsport Channel, the Outdoors Channel, and NFL Redzone!

Hulu TV Extra Features

If great live sports content at a reasonable price isn’t enough, Hulu TV also has a huge selection of extra features they include in all of their TV packages! With Cloud DVR you can record and watch up to 50 hours of any of your favorite shows, and watch them back on any device! You can also manage up to 6 separate profiles so you don’t have to share favorite shows, recordings, and more! Plus, you can watch on 2 separate screens at the same time!

Watch NFL Games on Fubo TV

A very popular streaming option for NFL fans is Fubo TV! They carry channels that make it possible to watch every NFL game, including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and even Thursday Night Football. Fubo TV offers 3 plans, “Pro, Elite, & Latino” that start at just $69.99/Mo. Fubo TV also gives you the ability to add the NFL Redzone Channel, where you can watch every touchdown and scoring play in the entire NFL each Sunday – for only $9.99/Mo. It’s a dream-come-true for any fantasy football players!

Fubo TV Plans with NFL Games

Both of Fubo’s Live TV plans – Pro & Elite carry the channels that will show local NFL Markets, plus all of the primetime games including SNF, MNF, and TNF. That means the Pro Plan for $69.99/Mo is one of the favorites for NFL fans across the country. Not only is Fubo TV a top choice for streaming NFL games, but it also is excellent for college football and basketball fans! So if you love watching all types of live sports, Fubo TV is a solid choice for you!

Extra Features on Fubo TV

Fubo TV lets you stream all of your favorite NFL games and more, but also provides subscribers with a huge array of additional features, such as Instant DVR. Instead of waiting for shows, games, or movies to end before you can watch, Fubo TV lets viewers start watching instantly. Fubo TV also allows for 250+ hrs of DVR footage, so if you like recording and watching your NFL games – Fubo TV is a great choice!